VGO Software - Evo

Client-Server Modernization - From Oracle® Forms to Java

Evo is an automated legacy modernization tool that enables customers to evolve from client-server applications such as Oracle Forms to pure multi-tier Java web applications. Evo preserves a customer’s investments by retaining existing business logic and re-architecting a system into a standards-compliant Java application, with the option of modernizing your Forms to ADF 11g or MyFaces JSF.

This pc-based tool supports a proven methodology for legacy modernization and is backed by an experienced professional services team. Evo is certified by Oracle Corporation as 1 of only 2 third-party solutions in the world to conduct Oracle Forms to Java modernizations.

To accelerate Forms and PL/SQL code migration, Evo:

  • Displays an application's code elements in an easy-to-navigate tree structure
  • Enables a developer to consolidate code into objects or classes
  • Provides templates which can be modified to generate customized output to comply with in-house standards
  • Generates completely standard and open code with no proprietary components or DLLs

Only Evo can show developers complexities within their source code that can benefit from further definition and enables developers to customize the modernization engine before it goes to work. This next-generation approach improves not only the rate of automated conversion but improves the clarity, quality and maintainability of the resulting converted application.